Your Will


Your Will is important, because it is your last say of what should happen to your belongings after your death. Untold hardship is often dumped on the surviving spouse, if he or she finds out that there has never been a proper Will in place. In some cases, there is unnecessary hardship even if there is a Will, because the Will has not been revised and updated although circumstances have changed.

Examples of such hardship:

• The ex-spouse inherits because the deceased forgot to change his Will.

• There is a dispute in the family of who should be the executor, causing delays in the winding-up process.

• The wife has to buy out the children’s shares because the Intestate Succession Act is applicable since the    deceased left no Will.


A Will is relatively inexpensive. Why not make an appointment with an expert to make sure it is in place. Nobody knows when it is his/her last day.



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